June 14th is when I began designing the best, over-bearing, or memorable parts of my everyday [& will for the rest of the year] in Helvetica.

First tumblr post explains it all.

Helvetica Regular [07.06.12]

Helvetica Bold[6.30.12]

Helvetica Neue Condensed Bold [11.30.11]

Helvetica Neue Medium
Dedication 4

I met Saul in college. He’s very loyal and a terrific hand artist. He’s that guy who knows a lot of random stuff that will come in handy at a game of Trivial Pursuit. A junior looking for work, I don’t doubt that when he gets his chance he’ll blow everyone away.

Helvetica Neue Medium, Bold, Ultra Light
Dedication 3

Sometimes this guy is so funny I can’t contain my laughter. Another person who inspires me to no end. Thanks to Twitter and Facebook I can call him a friend- but we’ve never met in person.

Thank you Moose for your support of Leslie Pineda.

Helvetica Bold
Dedication 2
Michael Prine Jr.

I met Michael a few years back in college. If it wasn’t for speech class and the occasional conversation I would never have known how talented this guy is. He’s an amazing designer, photographer, and I have yet to see him dance but I wouldn’t doubt he’s great at that, too. He is a huge motivator of mine by always supporting my blog and I appreciate it more than he knows.

Helvetica Regular
Dedication 1
Rafa Gaitan

I met Rafael five months ago at a birthday party, now he is one of my closest friends. I noticed his old school glasses and found out he was in love with Cubans… ;)
He’s a 60 yearold man trapped in a 26 yearold’s body. Whiskey, comics, Gene Hackman. That’s all you need to know.

Helvetica Regular [6.4.11]

Crazy how it doesn’t look like much when it’s all small…
I feel like some are missing.
Maybe I deleted some?

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